Feeling like a giant blah right now is totally killing my night



I still can’t get over the fact after every night or partying, hangovers and random late night adventures and the 1 night I decided to relax and sleep in early and I end up getting to work late cause my stupid alarm didn’t go off

Random late night adventures with friends are great. Good food and good company meeting new people sharing and hearing new stories puts such a smile on my face. Now watch me have a frown when I wake up tomorrow morning but it will be worth it

I haven’t written much on here so I guess the short version of what I been up too is I’ve simply been enjoying life better. Can things be better sure but I’m still loving the place that I am right now as oppose to the type of person I was a year ago. So much progress has been made. Also shout to my friends ya give me so much support. Okay now it’s time to get back to work I also love this job its gonna be a sad day when I leave this place.


Favorite Movie Soundtracks: [1/?] Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

"Scott, if your life had a face I would punch it."

Love the soundtrack to this movie sooo much