So tired


Yesterday was a good day

Yesterday was such a great day

Yesterday was the 2nd Octoberfest I was able to attend and I had so much fun. Got to have the pleasure of having great company and drinking great beer.

It’s October motherfuckers

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this month to finally arrive. So many awesome events are happening this month like Octoberfest, NYCTOPHOBIA hockey, parties, birthdays and of course all the awesome Halloween stuff. There’s plenty of things for me to be excited for but this month. It will also be the deciding month of where I’m going to live next year. I’m literally stuck on two waiting list between Two jobs one Ny and the other Fl. I also have another test to take that will also help me decide what to do which is really stressful but I’m just gonna try really hard to enjoy this month as much as possible.